Roots & Touch

In recent years, prefectures in Japan have enjoyed a surge in popularity for its wealth in natural resources.
This has led to a growing number of opportunities in craftsmanship, especially in the areas of design studies and cultural activities.

However, issues such as the decreasing population,
the decline of average spending per person and also the shortage of successor to craftsmanship has continued to raise doubts.
The solution to these problems within the industries is by putting in a sustained effort
to raise awareness for the need of a more global approach to resolving these issues.

At HULS, our concept of “Roots & Touch” aims to establish a platform
that will bridge across international borders strategically by connecting different cultures and businesses together.

  • Roots

    As individuals, we are connected with the present through seemingly unrelated patterns. And for a “product”, it thrives over time, re-defining and enriching our personalities.

    “New” Is the element, residing and transitioning through time. We envisage that “NEW” is the element to “TO ENVISIONING”.

    Formed together by combining inspirations and insights.

    At HULS, this as our mission, our “Roots”.

  • Touch

    To first perceive through ”Touch”.

    To touch, is the sense of softness, the feel of depth and beauty. And to share these sensations beyond borders.

    Imagine that, these sensations are able to communicate like language. Touching the lives of as many people as possible. Relishing a sense of appreciation for our daily routines.

    At HULS, we enrich our daily experiences through “Touch”

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity of HULS

The logo of HULS depicts the transition of Old Style to a New Style typeface.

Logo Mark

Log Mark of HUL

The letter “H” of HULS stands for “HUB”.

The trademark / ideogram use a combination of both typography and logotype to symbolize our company's competence in bridging the gap between indigenous Peoples and Countries.

Over time, through Cultural project and activities we hope to become the bridge for the convergence of cultural diversity.

About us

柴田裕介・代表取締役/Yusuke Shibata

Yusuke Shibata
CEO & Founder

Nationality: Japan
Born in 1981
Rikkyo University, Japan
Bachelor of Sociology

Yusuke Shibata has various experiences in design and trading business.
Based on the experiences, he specializes in the international business of Japanese traditional crafts.

Choon Yeow Lim

Choon Yeow Lim
Interior Designer / Business Development

Nationality: Singapore
Born in 1965
Eastern Michigan University, U.S.A
B.SC in Interior Design

Choon Yeow Lim is currently practicing doing business as an interior designer. He is also supporting the global business of Japanese crafts.

  • Kimitoshi Hara / Chief・Web Director / Japan
  • Joanne Beh / Marketer / Singapore
  • Shadow Wong / Web Designer / Hong Kong

Company Info

Company Name
Year Established
1 April, 2013
Yusuke Shibata
Tel +81-3-6280-8387 / Fax +81-3-6280-8397
- Tokyo
#009, Cerisier Kagurazaka Minami-cho,
21, Minami-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0836

- Singapore
101 Thomson Road #22-05 United Square, Singapore, 307591
Tel +65-6225-6331 / Fax +65-6225-6339
Hong Kong
  • - Trading, sales and distribution of Japanese crafts
  • - Planning and direction of our owned media for Japanese crafts
  • - Design and branding
  • - International business strategy, consulting and planning
HULS office