We help our clients bridge overseas.
We aim to reach out and touch as many people from different countries as possible with quality solutions and strategies.
One of the toughest challenges in accomplishing this is to simplify.

  • Trading / Distribution

    01 Trading / Distribution

    We support our clients, mainly makers of tableware of ceramics as well as lacquerware and textile products through distribution sales in the international market.

  • Owned Media

    02 Owned Media

    By planning and managing “KOGEI STANDARD”, which is a bilingual website for Japanese crafts, we introduce the companies in the industry, their people and their beautiful crafts to the world.


  • Creative / Promotion

    03 Creative / Promotion

    Through the production of multilingual websites, English press releases and the planning of exhibitions, we help in the promotion of Japanese crafts targeted to overseas markets.

    Artisan - Beyond Craft
    Japan Kokura Stripe

  • Products Planning

    04 Products Planning

    We provide consulting services on product planning and development for international market. Based on our research and strong understanding of the local cultures and the market needs, we also conduct planning of original products.

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We at HULS, strive to create the best proposal based on the understanding of the nature of our clients’ business and budget.