We help our clients bridge overseas.
We aim to reach out and touch as many people from different countries as possible with quality solutions and strategies.
One of the toughest challenges in accomplishing this is to simplify.

  • Marketing

    01 Trading / Distribution

    Through our extensive overseas network and diverse language skills, we can support our clients through distributing sales, local distribution by agents and also B2B matching and support system.

  • Web Design

    02 Web Design

    From production of Global website, CI · VI to company’s corporate profile and materials. Our group of local and inter-national designers specialize in providing our clients with a global-scale view and total design solutions.

  • Product Planning

    03 Product Planning

    We facilitate the creation of new international products that are link to Japanese crafts through the collaboration with the various domestic and international designers.

  • Product Planning

    04 Marketing / PR

    A global strategy approach with a strong focus based in Asia. We develop proposals for international market, based on our strong comprehensive understanding of the local industries, trends and market.

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We at HULS, strive to craft out the best proposal based understanding the nature of our client’s business and budget.