Partner Brands

We bring Japanese crafts to the overseas market.

  • Anraku gama

    Anraku gama

    A brand produced by a manufacturer of fire-resistant materials for the ceramics industry. They are the only kiln specializing in heat-resistant tableware and offers durable products such as earthen pot.


  • Izuru Seitou

    Izuru Seitou

    A pottery brand launched by the Yamamoto brothers who were born into a family of Bizen ware artists. By using coloured clay made using a mixture of pigments and Bizen clay, they are producing colourful tableware by hand.


  • Gato Mikio Co. Ltd.

    Gato Mikio Co. Ltd.

    Vendor and manufacturer of lacquerware founded in 1908. By using the traditional techniques of the Yamanaka area such as “Kasyokubiki” (decorative woodturning technique) which they have inherited, they are focused on the sales and planning of well-designed lacquerware.


  • Kichiemon Porcelain Co., Ltd.

    Kichiemon Porcelain Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Arita ware established in 1673. They mainly produce Japanese-style tableware with “Icchin drawing (slip)” decoration. Having developed a unique decoration technique called “Awagesho”, they opened a new way of expression in porcelain ware.


  • KUMAGAI Co., Ltd.

    KUMAGAI Co., Ltd.

    Wholesale distributor specializing in Kyoto ware. Having a strong and wide network of pottery manufacturers that has been forged since its establishment in 1935, they have the largest selection of items in the area.




    A brand of “Kokura-ori” woven fabric which originated in Kokura, Kitakyushu City. They produce textile which is characterised by the 3-dimensional gradation of vertical stripes and also offer their original textile products.


  • Zuiho gama

    Zuiho gama

    Manufacturer of Arita ware founded in 1917. Specializing in the various techniques of glazing and types of glazes, they produce an array of interesting and unique Japanese-style tableware.


  • Soekyu GOSU

    Soekyu GOSU

    A brand produced by Soekyu Seitosho, a manufacturer of Hizen-Yoshida ware which was founded in 1953. By applying “dami”, a traditional painting technique using brushes, they express 5 colours of Gosu blue.




    A brand of Bizen ware established by parents and sons. While maintaining the simplicity and elegance of Bizen ware, they continue to develop new products aiming to enrich our daily lives.


  • Tohachiya


    Established in 1888, Tohachiya is a vendor and manufacturer of Wajima lacquerware called “nushiya”. Their custom-made lacquerware for professional-use are adopted by high-end restaurants domestically and abroad.


  • Tokko Kiln Co., Ltd.

    Tokko Kiln Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Arita ware founded in 1865. They excel at making products with intricate and colourful decorations using their advanced technique of transfer printing. Additionally, they are producing earthenware which is unusual in Arita.


  • Hikiyose


    A brand produced by La Luz which is a manufacturer and vendor of wood products. They offer tableware with natural texture of wood by using a traditional technique called “Yosegi” in Odawara.


  • Hyakushiki


    A brand of “Urushi” (lacquered) glass which is produced by Maruyoshi Kosaka Co., Ltd., founded in 1945. Located in the area which produces Kiso lacquerware, they offer colourful tableware collections inspired by the kaleidoscope.


  • Fukuju gama

    Fukuju gama

    Manufacturer of Arita ware. They can handle all the manufacturing processes from design to production in-house. They excel at “sometsuke” painting with gentle and rich texture using glazes which are reproductions of the early Imari style.


  • Fujitaka


    Manufacturer of Imabari Towel founded in 1919. They developed the world’s first full-colour yarn-dyed jacquard weave towel. With their leading-edge techniques, they are producing high-quality products.


  • Bunzan gama

    Bunzan gama

    Manufacturer of Arita ware. They are producing tableware with a Japanese sense of intricacy such as their flagship product “Ceramic mimic fabric” series which is made based on the traditional technique of “tebineri”.


  • Miyama Co., Ltd.

    Miyama Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of porcelain in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture established in 1977. Specializing in the technique of slip casting, they are producing a wide range of tableware both in Western style and Japanese style.


  • Yamahei gama

    Yamahei gama

    Manufacturer of Arita ware. Based on a method of porcelain production called “rankakude (eggshell)” which was discontinued 100 years ago, they developed an ultrathin porcelain named “Eggshell”, thus, producing delicate and modern Japanese tableware.


  • Riso Porcelain Ltd.

    Riso Porcelain Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Arita ware founded in 1957. Based on the traditional method of “Ko-Imari”, they bring digital technology into their production. Their innovative works are attracting chefs from around the world.


  • Wajima Kirimoto

    Wajima Kirimoto

    A brand produced by a manufacturer of curved wooden base for Wajima lacquerware. They aim to convey the work of wood and urushi (lacquer) to the contemporary lifestyle through planning, manufacturing and sales of lacquerware and furniture.