HULS Gallery Tokyo will hold an exhibition titled “Celebratory Tableware” of Tokko Kiln from Arita, Saga Prefecture from January 6 (Mon) to January 25 (Sat). Founded in 1865, Tokko Kiln produces tableware with elegant and beautiful motifs for fine Japanese-style cuisine using special transferring techniques. In this exhibition, we will display many products decorated with auspicious motifs for the cerebration of New Year which we hope will deliver good luck to you.

We will also hold an exhibition of Eijiro Tokunaga, a thrower from Arita who was born as the second son in Tokko Kiln and trained in Kyoto. We hope you enjoy his outstanding carbonizing-fired works.

“Tokko Kiln Celebrative Tableware / Eijiro Tokunaga Exhibition”
Period: Jan. 6 (Mon), 2020 – Jan. 25 (Sat.), 2020 10a.m. – 6p.m. *Sundays and Public Holidays Excluded
Venue: HULS Gallery Tokyo (Akasaka)
Meet the Artist: Jan. 17 (Fri.) – Jan. 18 (Sat.)

*A special new year’s sake will be served to guests on Jan. 6 (Mon.)

– Tokko Kiln’s Profile
Established in 1865 in Arita, Saga Prefecture. In the early days, they were producing large-sized porcelain such as vases and charcoal braziers. During the post war period, they began focusing on tableware for fine Japanese cuisine and pioneered the commercial tableware market in Arita. While producing elegant and colorful tableware using high transfer technique, they are also working on creating new tableware that meets the demand of overseas top chefs.

– Eijiro Tokunaga’s Profile
Born in 1977 in Arita, Saga prefecture. He trained in Kyoto for ten years to master pottery even though he was born as the second son of Tokko Klin, which produces porcelain from generation to generation. Now, he succeeds his family business as a thrower and works actively both in Japan and overseas. He pursues his original expression that unites traditions of Arita-ware and the techniques learned in Kyoto.