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Brilliance of Heritage

“Brilliance of Heritage” is a textile with an international flavour the result of a collaboration between HULS and “SHIMA-SHIMA”, a Kokura-ori brand in Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan. Planned by HULS, the textile was designed by Ms.Noriko Tsuiki, a fabric and dye artist who also serves as the creative director of “SHIMA-SHIMA” brand. Inspired by the floral motif of the Peranakan culture of Singapore, we worked together to research on the colours and developed new turquoise and pink colours for the yarn. This is a new and different Kokura-ori with vibrant essence of tropical flowers fused to the rhythm of stripes of this unique woven fabric.

This textile was launched during Singapore Design Week in March 2017 and subsequently, HULS started the sales in the form of cut fabric and textile products such as cushion cover and table runner in Japan and Singapore.

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