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“KORAI” is a brand of Japanese craft based on a concept of “coolness in summer” for people living in busy cities around the world.

It is produced by HULS, and the products are designed by Shizuka Tatsuno, a creative director and designer who is actively working with local industries in Japan.

This brand is aimed at conveying through craft products across Japan, the beautiful form and texture of these crafts and to express the harmony such as between “inside and outside” or “nature and home” which prevails in the Japanese culture. Like the “engawa” (veranda) in Japanese-style houses, which brings coolness of nature into the home, we believe this same concept will bring comfort to the mind and body of people who live in restless cities.

The first collection of the brand, Tea Set, is being showcased at an exhibition titled “Nature and Living” during Singapore Design Week in March 2018, along with a special installation by space designer, Kazunori Matsumura.

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■KORAI Official Website

■Exhibition Information
“Nature and Living” at HULS Gallery Singapore
Date:8 – 17 March 2018  10:00 – 18:00 *Closed on Sunday



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